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Invisalign® is a form of orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear plastic trays to move your teeth as an alternative to traditional wire braces. These virtually invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners allow you to smile more during treatment as well as after. Invisalign clear aligners are made with 3D computer imaging technology and have been proven effective. However, not all patients are suitable for Invisalign treatment. Only a licensed Invisalign trained provider can determine if you will be a suitable candidate. Feel free to discuss with Dr. Man if you are a suitable candidate today.

How does it work?
You wear each set of aligners for one week, removing them only to brush, floss, eat and drink anything other than water. As you advance your aligner with the next in the series, your teeth will move — little by little, day by day, week by week — until they have straightened to their designed final positions. Dr. Man will see you about once every six weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned. Total treatment time averages about 9 to 15 months

What can I expect once I get my aligners?
When you first get your aligners, you’ll likely feel tightness and pain in your mouth. You might also feel uncomfortable because you now have a set of plastic retainers in your mouth. The initial set of Invisalign aligners is the hardest to adjust because your teeth aren’t used to having something forcefully shifting your teeth.

As you get used to your aligners, you’ll start to feel more comfortable. Some people develop a lisp when they have their aligners in because it can be hard to talk with something in your mouth. Dr. Man and your hygienist will instruct you on how to keep your mouth and aligners clean to prevent bacteria buildup and infections.



Natural-looking and long-lasting porcelain veneers are one of cosmetic dentistry's more recent developments offered by Dr. Gallucci and Dr. Man.  Veneers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain that can be bonded onto the front side of teeth to improve the tooth's appearance. Porcelain veneers are ideal for use on teeth that are stained or discoloured, worn, chipped, misaligned or as an alternative to orthodontic treatment. There are several advantages to porcelain veneers:

  • Easily fabricated with minimal to no tooth preparation
  • After it is bonded to a sturdy tooth it becomes very strong and durable
  • Enhances your appearance for a long time, typically up to 10 years with proper care and precautions
  • Porcelain veneers appear realistic they are glass-like and translucent, an advantage over other types of cosmetic dental bonding mimicking the light handling characteristics of enamel when the veneer is bonded to the tooth


When people think about Orthodontic treatment the first thing that comes to their mind is straight teeth. Braces can do much more than that.

Orthodontics not only improves the alignment and aesthetic look of your teeth, but it can contribute to the healthy function and longevity of your teeth as well. By aligning your teeth in the proper position through orthodontic treatment, you reduce the amount of undue force and wear on your teeth. You can also have better access for cleaning your teeth and therefore reduce the chance of developing gum disease and bone loss. When you improve the overall look and health of your teeth, you have more self confidence and self esteem. Orthodontics is an investment in the long term well being of your teeth.


Teeth Whitening

Over time, teeth may darken or become discoloured over time from smoking, coffee, tea or certain fruits that can stain teeth. Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that reverses discolourations of the enamel to create a whiter, brighter smile. Once the exact cause of your tooth discolouration is established, we will recommend a whitening regime to meet your specific situation.


Gummy Smile

A harmonious smile has a fine balance between the gingiva and the teeth. When a patient shows more gingiva than teeth, they can appear to have a “gummy” smile. A “gummy” smile draws attention to your gums and can make teeth appear shorter than they really are. Ideally, we aim to have 2mm or less of gingival tissue showing while patients are smiling.

What are the causes?

  1. When individuals have excessive gingival exposure when smiling, it can be due to the following:
  2. Short teeth or excessively thick gum tissue. The gums have not receded properly after the permanent teeth came in
  3. Hyper-mobile lips or short lips which reveal too much gums when smiling
  4. Long protruding upper jaw bone
  5. A combination of any of the above reasons


​Laser Gingival Contouring

Short teeth or excessively thick gum tissue can be effectively treated with a laser gingival contouring procedure. The laser is used to cut and reshape the gum line, making it proportional and harmonious with the smile and face. The healing process after laser gingival contouring is quick and with minimal pain. The laser is precise and minimizes damage to the surrounding tissue. It also automatically seals off the blood vessels so that there is little or no bleeding. There is also no need for stitches! The procedure does not take long and mild pain medication is all that may be required afterwards.

Botox Injectables

When a hypermobile lip is the cause of the “gummy” smile, Dr. Man can treat the muscles that elevate the upper lip with Botox. This will limit the contraction of the upper lip when smiling to prevent the gummy smile


Dermal Fillers

Full lips with a defined border are a feature of youth. As we age, natural substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that give skin structure and fullness gradually decrease. This results in our lips and the surrounding area being vulnerable to loss of fullness. Whether your lips were naturally thin or full, dermal fillers can be used to enhance lip shape or restore lost fullness.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is an injectable dermal filler used by Dr. Man to refresh your appearance. Using hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in your body, Juvederm combines with the water in your skin to restore lost fullness, and subtly enhance lips. The smooth formulation of Juvederm provides results that look and feel very natural.

What can I expect from a treatment?

Treatment can generally be performed in as little as 30 minutes with minimal recovery or downtime. The filler contains pain-reducing lidocaine, so you can also enjoy greater comfort during treatment. Most patients require only one syringe to achieve optimal results. Juvederm is clinically proven to last up to 6-9 months. Best of all, you can see visible results instantly after your treatment.

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