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Services We Offer

Snore Guards

Snoring occurs when loose or fatty muscle tissue in the back of the throat relaxes during sleep. As these tissues collapse into the throat, air is forced through the shrunken air-ways producing vibration in the back of the throat that causes snoring. Snoring is now a condition that is taken seriously. There are several physical disorders associated with and results from snoring. They range from headaches to chronic daytime fatigue to mouth and throat problems to heart and respiratory disorders.

The Pro-form ASD is remarkable comfortable mouth guard-styled device that has prevented or reduced snoring in over 70% of the patients who use it.

Snore Guard

Pro-form ASD is custom-fitted made from impression of the patients' mouth. Dr. Gallucci then makes casts of the upper and lower jaws and a unique thermo laminate is vacuum-formed onto the upper cast. Next a repositioning ramp is added that gently positions the lower jaw forward. This opens the lower jaw and moves it forward, thus increasing the opening at the back of the throat for more airway passage space. The increased opening allows more oxygen into the lungs, which lessens the vibrating tissue at the back of the throat.

For a quiet nights sleep ask for the Pro-form Anti-Snoring Device. So you and your family can all get a full night sleep.