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Night Guards/TMJ Splints

This appliance is called a night guard or a bite splint and it is used for people who grind their teeth. It separates the teeth to help relax the muscles and prevent clenching. It also allows teeth to slide on the appliance and does not damage the teeth as fast. Without this, the teeth will wear thinner faster, resulting in only small, short teeth. This condition is difficult to restore and becomes very costly, as all the teeth must be worked on for proper alignment.

What are the Symptoms of TMJ?
The symptoms associated with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorders will vary from person to person, depending on the unique causes of their discomfort. TMJ symptoms can include the following:

TMJ and Jaw Joint Pain
For those suffering from TMJ disorders, jaw joint pain is one of the most common complaints. Many patients notice a clicking, popping, or grinding sound when they chew or yawn and describe the pain they are experiencing as either dull and constant or sharp and sporadic.

TMJ and Ear Pain
Many sufferers do not know that their TMJ is the source of the ear pain they are experiencing, and assume instead that it must be caused by an ear infection or another inner ear problem. Because the TMJs are located right next to the ears, radiating pain from the affected joint, nerves, or other surrounding structures may seem like it is originating from the ears.

Headaches and TMJ
Moderate to severe headaches can be caused by TMJ disorders. Improper articulation of the jaw joint can strain muscles and ligaments that attach to the skull, and even pinch nerves, causing painful headaches. Those with headache pain may also be experiencing TMJ related symptoms.

TMJ and Tooth Pain
TMJ is most often linked to tooth pain in those patients who routinely clench or grind their teeth. The extreme pressure absorbed by the teeth and jaw joints while clenching or grinding can cause serious pain in the cheeks and damage in both areas.

Night Guard