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Dr. Vito Gallucci Family Dentistry
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Oakville, Ontario, L6K 3T7
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Other Languages Spoken: Italian, Portuguese, French and Lebanese

Services We Offer

Crowns and Bridges

Should you have a tooth that is discoloured, badly shaped, weak or broken, you may need a crown to cover and restore it to its normal shape and size and it looks like a natural tooth. Dr. Gallucci also uses a crown to cover a dental implant, a large filling or to attach a bridge.


If you are missing one or more teeth, you will notice a difference in chewing and speaking, in addition to the less-than-ideal appearance. Dr. Gallucci can correct this with a bridge that helps maintain the shape of your face, as well as alleviating the stress in your bite with artificial replacement teeth. The material can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination. Depending on the support of surrounding teeth, Dr. Gallucci can recommend different types of bridges. A bridge can be bonded onto other teeth, this type of bridge is sometimes called a fixed bridge which is considered permanent. You could be a candidate for a removable denture, which you can take out and clean yourself. Finally, if Dr. Gallucci recommends an implant bridge, artificial teeth will be attached directly to the jaw or under the gum tissue.